vendredi, août 18, 2006


will i see anyone at chs to pick up the schedual at 1-4? cuz i dont wanna wander by my self.

mercredi, mai 24, 2006


How many of y'all are signing up/ signed up for orchestra next year, i am... that doesnt mean anything thou... HEY! how many of you saw my panic attack during lunch?!?!

vendredi, avril 21, 2006


what is up, tomorrow, im going to be ALL ALONE FOR THE WHOLE DAY!!!!!!!!!! so, was'up!

lundi, avril 17, 2006

spring break

how was everyones spring break, so far mines a crap shoot. nuthin good is going on.

dimanche, avril 02, 2006


he has a myspace!!!

random fun on myspace, peanut butter, cranberries, ect.

i have been obsessed with myspace cuz it is my only way to the outside world, so what has been going on in the blogger world... not much in my life... myspace ruined my life, i am on it right now accually... no one is on, so im bored, im looking at bulitens right now. im looking at a buliten w/ jiffy peanut butter. i dont like peanut butter, do you? do you like cranberries, dripped in blood? i dont, it doesnt sound tasty. i like cranrasberry juice... would you die if you never had peanut butter.> i wouldnt. id throw a party./ yay, all peanut butter haters are invited./././ i will use a taste bud detectors to see if you do like peanut butter to detect the lovers./././ this is the ect part. what has been going on with you.

vendredi, mars 31, 2006


it has finally happend. i never thought it could, but it did... RESCUE ME!!

mercredi, mars 29, 2006


god save me.
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